Top Foods You think Are Healthy But You Are Wrong

There are so many foods in today’s supermarkets labeled as “healthy” when they are not. There are also things we used to think they are bad but scientists found out they are not.

Let’s start with reduced fat peanut butter. Some of the fats removed from the peanut butter are actually good for you. But that’s not the only problem with reduced fat peanut butter. The problem “healthy” low-fat or fat-free it they taste like crap. When you remove fat from a product it tastes bad so the manufacturers load their products with artificial sweeteners, sugar and other chemicals to improve the taste.

That’s what happens to your reduced fat peanut butter. They reduced the fat but added sugar and other crazy ingredients. Does anyone know what tocopheryl acetate is? You could find it in your reduced fat peanut butter. You just have to read the list of ingredients. If you want to eat really healthy peanut butter, stick with natural peanut butter. You know what the difference? The natural peanut butter has much simpler ingredients. Just read the nutrition label on your jar of peanut butter.

Next on the list: diet soda. If it says “diet” it doesn’t mean it’s healthy or you won’t get fat. Diet soda actually provides a great risk of becoming overweight. They don’t put sugar in it. That’s true but they use artificial sweeteners that can interfere with your body’s response to natural sugar. Artificial sweeteners also fail to release the hormone that controls blood pressure and blood sugar.

Despite the last decade anti-fat hysteria, the saturated fats have been proven to be harmless. The side effects of this propaganda are the so-called “healthy” butter alternatives. So, people started to eat more margarine and less butter. But what is margarine? It is a processed food with ingredients that make you sick. So, don’t follow the crowd. Butter is healthy, margarine is not.

Well at least fruits are healthy if you eat them fresh. But dried fruits are not that healthy as you might think they are as they have three times the calories of fresh fruits. Also to preserve them sulfur and sugar are added. So, if you want to eat fruits stick to the fresh ones.

Maybe you are looking for healthy bread. Terms like wheat, 7-grain, multi-grain may sound great and healthy when actually they are using refined grains instead of whole grains to make them. Read nutrition labels carefully if you want to be sure. You are not getting whole-grain bread when the first flour says “bleached”.

Another healthy choice is often the yogurt. Can you be wrong with yogurt? Well, yeah, you can be very wrong. Most popular brands of yogurt offer very much sugar about as much as a can of soda.

I kept the most surprising one for the end of the list. Juicing. What can be wrong with juicing when you make it yourself at home? You just squeeze fruits and drink the tasty natural juice. You will miss out all the healthy fibers found in fruits. If you want a healthy drink make a smoothie where you blend the entire fruit. You could add some unsweetened almond milk or diary milk and you’ll have a perfect energy drink.

The basic rule for healthy foods is to stick with the natural stuff. Anything else is more or less unhealthy but if you are not sure you can ask for medical questions to your nutritionist.